A good website is vital for every organisation and a knowledge of how to code a website is an extremely valuable skill for students to have. Our HTML courses start from basic tags right through to styling with CSS. The students love seeing these lines of code transform a blank page into something highly visual. Although technical, this is our most popular course by far.

App Development

With mobile devices becoming a must have for all ages, there has been an explosion of apps to accompany them. Some are just for fun, some are practical and they range from video games to fitness apps. Rather than just use these apps, how cool would it be to learn how to make them? These will work on any Android device and can be uploaded to the Google Play store. Who knows you could create that killer app and join the Collison brothers in the Irish invasion of Silicon Valley!

3D Design

3D Design is a very hot topic at the moment. Creators and makers all over the world are dreaming up products that they can print out on 3D printers. This course will show you how to design in 3D and will take you from the smallest products right through to the biggest buildings. Great for anyone interested in engineering, architecture or just good old fashioned inventing!


It may come as a surprise to some, but Ireland is a hotbed in the animation industry. Companies such as Brown Bag Films & Cartoon Saloon are both two-time Oscar nominated companies. Animation is an extremely enjoyable form of digital storytelling. It is becoming increasingly crucial in many areas especially interactive design.

Video Production

Video Production is a very enjoyable module. Of course the students need to be actors too, but it is the technical skills of video editing that we can impart. Ask anyone in the industry, it is only when you sit at the editing desk that you really get an understanding of how to create a video.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers will always be in demand. Advertisers, publishers, even the best coders need good designers to give that ad, article, site or app that polished look. This course will show you how to work in layers with text and images to create posters, ads, logo's, even characters for your animations.

Office Applications

Whether it is for that written assignment, class presentation or a report to an employer in the future, there will always be a need to know office applications such as Word & Powerpoint. This module will give you all the knowledge you need to impress the teachers or the boss!

Whizzkids In-School Courses for Transition Years

Transition year is a great opportunity for second level students to try a range of different subjects and explore options for a career. Ireland Inc. has positioned itself as a country with a highly skilled workforce, yet there are thousands of unfilled IT positions, due to the lack of suitably trained candidates. Our TY programme is again based on the NCCA's ICT Framework and exposes students to the world of multimedia. Designing websites, programming video games and digital video production are some the very popular modules we offer that instil skills that can be very rewarding as a creative outlet but are also very much sought after by employers. Contact us if you would like us to deliver an IT TY programme in your school.

IT Career Day

The Technology Career Day Programmes have proven extremely popular with students, parents and teachers alike. These intensive one day programmes combine a presentation and discussion about the scope of opportunities within the technology industry and the impact of technology in other fields/careers, followed by three hands-on workshops giving students an understanding of the practical application of these skills. Your school can choose any three options from the following list for the workshops:

  • Web Design & HTML
  • Scratch Programming
  • Graphics/Image manipulation (like Photoshop)
  • 3D Digital Design
  • Animation

The delivery of this day has been finacially subsidised by Limerick Institute of Technology. Call our office if you would like us to deliver a career day at your school.

Whizzkids In-School Courses for Primary Schools

Our research has confirmed that most primary schools would be interested in offering computer classes to their pupils, but many do not have the time or ongoing financial resources to setup and maintain a computer lab. In response to this problem, we have designed an In-school Programme which will offer schools an easier and more cost effective solution. Our programme offers a complete package including equipment, qualified and experienced technology instructors and a technology curriculum designed specifically for primary school children, which is based on the National Council for Curriculum & Assessment’s (NCCA) ICT Framework. The Programme consists of the delivery of a 8/10/12 week technology course for your senior class(es) during each school year. Normally participants are between 3rd up to 6th class and each lesson lasts one hour and we can deliver a number of sessions each week to accomodate multiple classes. The course would be delivered in your school using a mobile suite of laptops provided by Whizzkids Training. There will be one laptop per child we can cater for up to 30 students in any one class. The course will cost €36 per student, less than swimming lessons! See the book now page for a list of schools where this service is on offer. Contact us if you would like this in your school.